Evolving workload identity and making secrets obsolete

Our story

SPIRL was founded by Evan Gilman and Eli Nesterov to lead the industry shift towards workload identity and true zero trust service-to-service security. As the authors of SPIFFE and the operators of the world's largest deployments, we’ve identified a need for new tools, technologies, and patterns that harness the true potential of SPIFFE.

SPIRL's workload identity platform is built on the last decade of learnings, allowing you to get up and running with cryptographic workload identity in minutes rather than months.

Our vision

One day, SPIRL will make secrets obsolete. By transparently securing the majority of the world's enterprise IP traffic, SPIRL will unlock the full power and speed of developers, fortifying security posture without introducing undue friction. We help you do more of what you love.



Evan Gilman

Co-founder & CEO

Evan has been working at the intersection of computer network, security, and reliability engineering for more than 15 years. As the person who wrote the book on zero trust (“Zero Trust Networks”, O'Reilly 2017), and then went on to write the very first workload identity standard (SPIFFE, a CNCF Graduated project), Evan has a unique understanding of the challenges involved, and how to overcome them.


Eli Nesterov

Co-founder & CTO

Eli is an internationally-recognized expert in security research and engineering, with almost 20 years of experience designing and operating security systems at companies like Facebook, ShapeSecurity, and F5 Networks. He has a distinct approach to cybersecurity, making it more accessible and efficient by demystifying complex systems. Eli is the co-author of “Solving the Bottom Turtle” and the architect of one of the world's largest SPIFFE deployments, which has scaled beyond 1M nodes.

Investors & advisors


Joe Beda

Co-author of Kubernetes · Previously, CTO at Heptio


April Underwood

Managing Director at Adverb Capital · Previously, CPO at Slack


Ryan Hurst

Author of Microsoft ADCS · Previously, Head of Security at Google


In loving memory of Kris Nova

Co-author of Cloud Native Infrastructure · Principal Engineer at GitHub


Michael Coates

CISO at Coinlist · Previously, CISO at Twitter

General Partner

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